Chief Gardener of Singapore

Chief Gardener

To the chief Gardener of Singapore, Thank you for all the trees. Gardner at Botanical Garden, Hand-tinted, c.1910.

PM Lee Hsien Long on his father
“But there were other areas he felt very strongly about and let his views be known. For example, on greening Singapore, he had very definite (views), his determination that this place should be clean, green and beautiful is maintained till today. He planted at the first tree planting 50 years ago and he had just planted another one recently.

A couple of years ago, the Istana staff put up a proposal, somewhere along the boundary, the fence; they wanted to trim a few trees, to improve visibility and security. I was going to agree and he sent me a note to say, are you sure you need to do this? This place is green, and we make it a point to make this place green, and we have got birds and wildlife. You want to keep it like that.

So in the end, I didn’t cut the trees down but he felt strongly about (the issue).

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